The story of Amar Singh who started the morabba business with Rs 1200 now runs million Rupees company

You don’t need a degree to prove your ability. It requires guts and courage to experiment your thoughts and ideas. Here , we are talking about Amar Singh who owns the Amar Mega Food Private Limited, situated in Samman, rural Rajasthan. His amla morabba company generates a turnover of Rs 26 lakh .

Amar wasn’t born with silver spoon in his mouth. Born and brought up in a below middle class family, Amar wasn’t lucky to gain higher education as he got drop out from school. As far as his career is concerned due to lack of proper academics he had been doing odd jobs in his past for living. Prominently he had been a rickshaw driver for most the time and not only this he also ran a photo shop. It was 1995 , and he was going through one news paper article when he found out something written about amla’s health benefits. Instantly, an idea clicked into his mind and since then he dedicated his life to amla business. He began with planting and growing amlas in the field . He also took care of sales of amla in the local market. He had earned the initial profit from his little business but local traders became trouble for his business.

Soon he made up his mind and decided to establish his own food processing unit. This time he wasn’t alone and with the support of an NGO known as Lupin Human Welfare Research & Foundation (LHWRF), he came up with more different varieties of amla based food products.
Amar quoted,

“Everything from cultivating to processing, packaging, and transporting the finished products is done from here,” “I don’t have to go to the traders now; rather they come here.”


Later, Amar initiated Amar Self Help Group, now known as  Amar Mega Food Private Limited . Amar started his business with an investment of Rs 1,200 from which he planted 60 amla saplings and today the return on investment figures are way too much.

Amar has been running the company very successfully and earned himself a name in the local market. Talking about his team , his company comprises of around more than two dozen people in which half of the employees are women.


Below are some less known facts about Amla or Indian gooseberry:

1. Amla is rich in Vitamin C,iron, antioxidants and calcium.
2.Amla literally boosts the immunity if a human body
3.Amla prevents the risk of heart disease.