Meet Harsh Agarwal -Know How His Blogging Hobby Made Him the Second Richest Blogger in India

Will you leave your job at Accenture to pursue your hobby as a career?

May be you don’t but Harsh Agarwal did. Harsh Agarwal is one of the successful and richest bloggers of India. His website generates millions per month. So, you never underestimate the power of blogging in 21st century.

Let’s know more about this dream catcher.
Harsh Agarwal completed his engineering from Sharda University in 2008. He was placed in Accenture but there was enough time to join the company .So he started working in a call centre. He was always enthusiastic about technology and computers. While he was working with Convergys he started blogging on blogger. The response he was getting from the website easy was simply good and later he decided to work on self-hosted WordPress. His friends helped him buying host and domain and that’s how ShoutMeLoud came into existence.

Harsh stated in an interview:

“You know, earning money online always sounded like a scam to me. Before I started earning, I thought all online money making schemes were flawed. I was proven wrong by a guy who sent me $10 for fixing an SEO-related issue with the Google Webmaster tool. That’s when I created a PayPal account (my first time with PayPal) and earned my first money online. I even called all my friends to tell them that I had made money online. It was a proud moment for me. Later, I started earning money directly from the blog, using AdSense and affiliate marketing”

It wasn’t hard for him to choose between a mainstream career and blogging as a career. He chose the second option and began working on it. And you won’t believe he couldn’t have been earning that much amount if he was working with Convergys or Accenture. Since then, he has been earning millions per month through ShoutMeLoud.

ShoutMeLoud owner Harsh Agarwal doesn’t believe in traditional approach of working in Office.


He believes:

“I’ve worked with many freelancers in the past, and was never a big fan of working from the office. I believe that true freedom is being able to work from anywhere, atanytime, and I believe this culture is going to be implemented worldwide in the coming years. So this is one of the reasons I did not hire full-time employees. Right now, I have one full-time employee and the rest are freelancers and virtual assistants working from around the globe.”


ShoutMeLoud is a subsidiary website under the parent brand ShoutDreams which has around eight live blogs under the same network. Apart from ShoutMeLoud there are other websites which are getting better in terms of earning and popularity. These are
ShoutMeTech & WPfreesetup.

Harsh Agarwal bought flat 2 years back from his blogging income in Gurgaon and settled there. He also has plans to expand his blogging business by setting up an office with talented people. He also focused on content for which is an online course to learn blogging.

Harsh Agarwal has an advice for a all the bloggers who want to have blogging as career.
Read below what he has to say

“And ​lot of people who want to start a blog wait for the right time and a perfect formula. My advice for such people is: start right away. There is no right time for starting anything new. Once you start, you will keep moving.

Learning is a continuous process, but one should spend two or three months learning about SEO, social media marketing, and branding. These three things will take you places. I’m assuming you are a prolific writer. Do remember, we are living in the world where information changes with the snap of a finger. To stay ahead in this era, you need to be constantly in the know of the latest news in your field.”

If you look at ShoutMeLoud website , you will find it really interesting and resourceful. No wonder it has millions of regular readers from the globe. ShoutMeLoud is also known as SML. And according to Harsh the definition of SML is:

“A community of enthusiastic bloggers who are popularly known as “Shouters”! These are bloggers who are living an internet lifestyle or are currently moving in that direction.”

ShoutMeLoud consists of information mainly pertaining to “How to make money online from your blog”. There is a little section for personal stories and jokes.
If you are thinking SML deals with only technical stuff you are missing the big part. Instead, SML helps everyone in understanding​the digital methods to promote their business in the form of digital marketing.

SML also offers you tutorials and guides to break the complex blogging process into the simple one. SML can be considered as the Wikipedia of blogging tips and techniques.
Harsh Agarwal also published the Affiliate marketing handbook and WordPress eBook which has more than 7 thousand downloads till now.
Besides, SML can also be used as mobile app and you can download it from Apple store and Play store.