Ramesh Gholap: The story of a Bangle Seller who is now an IAS officer

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Ramesh Gholap: The story of a Bangle Seller who is now an IAS officer

”Dedication and commitment are what transfer dreams into realities”. Ramesh Gholap from Maharastra who used to sell bangles with his mother is now an IAS officer. Let us know the inspiring story of Ramesh.

Ramesh was born in village Mahagaon in Barshi Tulaka, Solapur district of Maharastra. He was a bright child. His father Gorakh Gholap who was the earning member of his family could not run his cycle shop as his health deteriorated because of constant drinking.

To earn bread Ramu’s mother Vimal Gholap started selling bangles in a nearby village. Although Ramu’s left leg was affected by polio, he with his brother started helping their mother in selling bangles.

Ramu and his brother would ask people to buy bangles and their mother would help women to try them on.

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After completing his primary education from Mahagaon, Ramu went to stay in Barshi with his uncle to study further.

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He studied well and was praised by his teachers. But, in the year 2005, when he was in class 12, he got news of his father’s death. Ramu did not even have the fare to travel to his village. His neighbors helped him with money only then he was able to attend the last rites of his father.

After four days of his father’s death he had his chemistry model exam, he gave his exam after his mother insisted him but left exams of all other subjects. His teachers helped him with his exams due to which he scored 88.5% in his 12th exams.

In spite of scoring well, he chooses to do D.Ed (Diploma in Education) because it was the only course he affords to get a job and support his family. He started working as a teacher in 2009 after completing D.Ed and graduation in Arts.

Ramu lived with his mother and brothers in a room provided by his aunt. Ramu saw that the poor are been exploited and manipulated by an officer who asked them for money to get them their pensions. He was also angry with the ration shop owner who sold the kerosene which was to be distributed to poor and needy families.

During his college days, Ramu was a member of student’s union who often went to tehsildar to get approval to various college issues. He considered tehsildar as an influential and powerful government official and decided to study for public service exam to become a tehsildar so that he could solve all the problem faced by the families like his.

He took leave from his job and went to stay in Pune to study for UPSC. Ramu could not succeed in his first attempt so he tried again with more determination. He left the job and cleared the State Institute of Administrative Careers (SIAC) exam.

Ramu cleared UPSC in 2011 with an All India Rank of 287, without any coaching. Ramu returned to his village on 12 May 2012, after becoming an IAS officer. He also cleared MPSC (Maharastra Public Service Commission) scoring the highest ever marks of 1244 out of 1800. 

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Ramesh Gholap who is presently posted in Jharkhand has given more than 300 informational and motivational talks to youngsters aspiring to take the MPSC or UPSC exams.

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