Poonam Dalal IPS Success Story – From a Primary Teacher to ACP – The Epitome of Will Power and Hard Work

 Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence.

– Colin Powell

Success never comes the easy way, one has to do the hard work it takes to reach the goal. Poonam Dalal is one such woman who sets the perfect example for the fact the success is the result of hard work, persistence and will power. Poonam Dalal is currently serving as the ACP Vigilance Gurgaon, but behind this prestigious rank is years of hard work and the will to never quit upon a dream. Let us take a look on the journey of Poonam Dalal-

The beginning of struggles

Poonam Dalal belongs to a middle-class family of Jhajjar, Haryana. She was born and brought up in Delhi. After passing class 12th in 2002, she took up a job as Primary teacher at MCD School, Rohini, New Delhi. Along with her job, she did her graduation as an external student from Delhi University.

After completing her graduation, she appeared for different Bank PO exams and SSC Graduate level exams. She cleared all of them successfully and decided to join SBI as a PO. She said that she regrets the fact that no one was there to guide her through her career, as she would not have to wait until 2015 for UPSC.

“Had I earlier known that the UPSC was my calling, I would have started preparing for it much in advance,” she says

After working for 3 years in SBI, Poonam cleared SSC Graduate level examination 2006 with 7th rank all over India. She then joined the Income Tax Department. This achievement made Poonam even more confident and she grew a desire to appear for the UPSC examination.

The struggle continues…

In 2007 Poonam was married to Asim Dahiya, who was employed at the Customs Excise Department in New Delhi. He always encouraged and supported Poonam to follow her dreams. She continued her job and her studies, and at the age of 28, Poonam sat for the UPSC CSE examination for the first time. She got the Railway(RPF) division but instead of joining there, she decided to sit for the exam next year.

She sat for the exam and again got the Railways division, this time IRPS. Meanwhile she had cleared the Harayana PSC examination and joined Deputy Superintendent in Haryana Police in 2011. This year, Poonam failed the UPSC Prelims and lost all hopes of clearing the exam as her age did not allow to sit for the exam anymore.

Destiny plays its role

There is a saying, “Fortune favors the brave.”. In 2015, because of the petitions from candidates who could not qualify due to the change in pa

ttern in 2011, the government gave an extra attempt to all those who wrote for Civil Services Exam in 2011. Hence, Poonam got another opportunity to sit for the UPSC examination.

“It felt like the whole universe was conspiring to make my dream come true,” PoONAM SAYS

This opportunity came as a great challenge for her. She already had a full-time job as a  DSP of Haryana Police, also she was 9-months pregnant when she sat for the UPSC Prelims. She cleared the prelims with a score of 275 marks. When she sat for the MAINS, her child was only 3-months old. Despite of the circumstances, Poonam cleared the MAINS with a huge score of 897 marks and 308th All India Rank.

“The biggest challenge,while attempting to pass the exam, was to keep believing in myself and my capabilities,” she says.

Poonam’s life is an inspiration to the youth of the nation, especially to all the women who are caught up between their family responsibilities and their dreams.

Her story encourages every woman to follow and embrace their dreams with open arms. Poonam’s success story is an example how any thing can be achieved by sheer hard work and will power.