Subhasini Mistry: The Padma Shri awardee who built a charitable hospital

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Subhasini Mistry: The Padma Shri awardee who built a charitable hospital

Subhasini Mistry is an Indian social worker who raised her four children by herself after losing her husband at the age of 24. She went on to build a charitable hospital called ”Humanity Hospital” for the poor. She was awarded India’s fourth highest civilian award the ”Padma Shri” in 2018.

Let us know about her –

Subhasini was born in a poor family and was married at the age of 12. Her husband died after 12 years of their marriage learning her to take care of four children. To earn a living she started working as a domestic helper in five houses. Subhasini earned nearly Rs 100 a month. Unable to look after her four children, she sent the elder son, Ajay to an orphanage.

“I had no education and couldn’t even tell the time. So I decided I would do whatever work that was available. I started out as an aayah (domestic help) in the nearby houses.” , Subhasini Mistry told NDTV.

Subhasini with her three children moved to Dhapa where she started selling vegetables. Early she decided to educate one of her sons to be a doctor and to build a hospital for the poor.

She started earning about Rs 500 a month by selling vegetables. She opened a savings account in a post office and started depositing little money whenever she could.

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Determined to build a hospital and to make her son a doctor Subhasini saved for 20 years. In 1992, she bought one acre of land in Hanspukur village for Rs. 10,000. She told the villagers about her plan to construct a hospital for the poor and also asked them to contribute. The villagers contributed as much as they could.

In 1993, Humanity hospital treated 250 people with doctors who didn’t take money. Ajay got admitted into the prestigious Kolkata Medical College. He became a doctor and joined his mother as a doctor and expanded the hospital. They also set up another unit in Pathar Pratima, Sunderbans.

”My work is not done. Both hospitals need to grow with more staffs on board. I hope to convert it into a 24-hour facility some day. I hope that government helps one too”, as Subhasini told TOI.

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