Ashok Khemka- The Man Who Survived 45 Department Transfers in 23 Years of Career

One could hardly survive 45 job transfers in 23 years of career unless he is Ashok Khemka.
In childhood, we are taught honesty is the best policy but nobody taught us about the consequences of performing honesty.

Here, Ashok Khemka, a 45 year old IAS officer dedicated his career to honesty but in return he has been awarded transfers , transfers and transfers.

Let’s get to know more about this honest IAS officer.

Ashok Khemka hails from the city of palaces Kolkata. He had always been  diligent and determined in whatever he did.He completed his graduation from the prestigious institute IIT Kharagpur. This was not it as he accomplished doctorate in computer science from Tata institute of fundamental research, Mumbai.
And, finally in 1991 he became an IAS Officer of Haryana Cadre.

Now, let’s talk about his role as an IAS officer and unusual department transfers.

The most notable case was Robert vadra case . Being a managing director of Haryana seeds development of corporation, he exposed and cancelled unfair land deals between Robert vadra and real estate company DLF. Soon after the cancelled the deals he began receiving death threats from unknown people. Later, the matter was taken care of as the chief manager of Haryana Seed Development Corporation (HSDC) K R Sharma took the charge and filed a police complaint against those threats from unknown people.

The other notable incident took place when Khemka (being as a managing director of HSDC) was transferred on April 2013 just because he exposed land deak corruption in Gurgaon.

There was a similar case happened when Khemka was working as Director-General of Land Consolidation and Land Records-cum-Inspector-General of Registration in Haryana government. Khemka had suspected irregularities in land transactions dealing with the transfer of hundred Crore panchayat land to real estate companies. Once again he had to pay the price of honesty while opposing the ‘transfer notes’ from CM’s office he ended up with a transfer to a smaller post.

It seems like Robert vadra case was chasing him like a ghost . Recently, Haryana government had charge sheeted him for going beyond his  authority as an IAS officer to cancel the deals between Robert vadra and DLF. Union Cabinet Secretary Ajith has made a recommendation to the PMO to transfer Khemka from the Haryana State to Central government. In response the PMO has already cleared Khemka’s name and Haryana government has been notified.

Interesting Facts about Ashok Khemka.

* Ashok Khemka is the man who Knows how to use the RTI Act effectively. He often uses RTI to dig out facts and information regarding concerned matters and expos fellow government officials.

* Khemka witnessed 45 transfers all in different departments in 23 years of his career.

* Recently, he has been transferred to the 45th department where he is working as the DG of Archives & Archaeology in Haryana state .

Some must read quotes from Ashok Khemka.

“I am not a quitter. I am part of this system and will stay in it. I am proud of it. I have only been doing my duty as an officer.”

“I only go by what the public expects from me. I do this without fear or favour.”

“I hate being called a whistleblower. I am just doing my work which others may not be doing. I am also not an activist. Once a job is taken away, my part gets over in that matter.”


“I don’t feel scared by all this. But there is a lot of mental stress. In my last transfer, they threw me out in the most humiliating manner. My reliever had come to the office even before the transfer orders had arrived.”