Meet Mansi Prakash who is just 20 year old and replacing high power consuming bulbs with energy efficient bulbs to save people’s money

You must have seen Shahrukh khan’s swades . The movie was about how a non residential Indian help the entire village in generating electricity .

What if I tell you there is someone like Mohan bhargav of Swades in real life. Meet Mansi prakash who is just a 20 year old girl . She has major in economics from from the New York University.

It was 2010 when she visited her Grandparents village and found that villagers don’t have lights during night. And later she came to know that just for the sake of saving electricity expenses they don’t use lights at night .
The reason was incandescent bulbs which they have been using since forever and had no idea that there are alternative to incandescent bulbs in the market.

Mansi took the charge and replaced the high power consuming incandescent bulbs with energy efficient bulbs.
She helped 10 families in getting rid of incandescent bulbs and bought energy efficient bulbs for these families from her own money.

Mansi stated ,

“Most families have light bulbs – they just weren’t turning them on and using them.”

She also added,

“For someone who couldn’t afford food three times a day, paying the high electricity bills was not an option.”

She knew the fact that high energy consuming bulbs don’t last long enough as compared to 11-watt fluorescent lamp bulbs which is known for its long lasting efficiency , generally these bulbs lasted for three to four years which is worth your money. No matter it cost much in the initial stage but what matters is the result and by investing in energy efficient bulbs there’s a straight away of reduction of
household electric bill payments upto 80 percent.

Mansi believe

“The family savings could easily go toward education or health care”.

She took this matter to another level and founded non profit organization Brighter Today. The organization is backed by Clinton Foundation, Which has been involved in the distribution of energy-efficient bulbs that are donated by Philips.

She used her Glamour magazine  $20,0000 grand prize to fund her project.Her organization have been successful so far in bringing eco-friendly,cost-effective and long-lasting lighting to around 5,300 residents of the Behlana village close to Chandigarh for the very first time. She is a girl with a vision and she is not stopping trying anything fruitful for the society. As for now she has been planning to work on solar panel prototype to provide light to households without​ any dependency on electricity.

Mansi says ,

“I often think about a girl I met while installing bulbs,” she told the Glamour magazine. “She longed to go to school, but her parents couldn’t afford it. Once they started saving on their energy bill, they could. She is why I do this. It’s her life I want to change.”