The Untold Story of Hemant Mehra- A poor kid from Hoshangabad Develops 15 World-Wide Popular Apps

Life is complex as they are full of good and bad days. You never worry about happy days and you shouldn’t but bad days often visit uninvited. You don’t know how to deal with it and you make yourself believe not to worry everything will be alright. But everything is not all right unless you make it all right. And Hemant Mehra is the man who made it right.

Hemant Mehra is known as a mobile app developer who earns 1.5 lakhs per month . He has around 15 Mobile apps on play store developed by him. The interesting thing he is a school dropout.
Surprised??? Well he is a man with a capabilities and he knew what to do.

Early Life

Hemant belongs to Gwaltoli village of Hoshangabad district in Madhya Pradesh. It was his father’s death who changed everything. He was 15 when his father passed away leaving his family into a tough situation. Due to insufficient financial support he had to drop out of school. His father was a government employee and Hemant was given assurance that he would be given a government job once he became 18.

Government Ditched Him

What was about to happen in Hemant’s life was disappointing. In 2009 he turned 18 and reached out the Government office believing once he get the job life would become easy for him. But things totally turned out opposite as there was no job waiting for him in the office. He was highly disappointed but didn’t give up.

Never Quit Learning

He might have quit the school but didn’t quit the will to learn. He always loved working on computer. You won’t believe but he learned the coding all by himself without any institutional education.

He says

“I had always enjoyed working on a PC. My teachers would even let me sit in the computer class with my seniors because I was a quick learner.”

Codes Became His Passion

In order to handle his expenditures he also went for odd jobs. In 2011 while going through newspaper he found out that there are great opportunities in the web and app development space. Soon he starts researching about apps and coding. It was the moment he decided to learn coding and develop apps but learning coding was not a piece of cake.

Due to lack of money and unavailability of coaching institutes at his place he had hardly any options left except self learning. So, he began his learning. He started going to internet Cafe for learning and even purchased books to study.

Grandmother Was A Real Supporter

Things became easier when his Grandmother took charge of him and his family. His Grandmother took care of everything he needed. She even bought him a laptop and paid for the internet bills. But the most important thing, his Grandmother had always been supportive no matter what.

Hemant mentions

“My grandmother ignored all of that and paid for the internet bills, which would sometimes be up to Rs 5,000-6,000. I cannot ever thank her enough for the trust she showed in me.”

He also added

“It might seem very easy to outsiders but I faced so many issues during test runs and launch that I thought of giving up many times. It was my grandmother who came to my rescue every time”

Time To Launch

The time had come to use his knowledge and he came up with his first app Mappi . Mappi was launched in November 2012 on the Play Store. Since then Hemant never looked back and developed 15 apps so far.
“Lovers in a Spin” was another feather in his cap as the app is liked by users from different countries like USA, Israel, south Africa, France etc.

He quotes ,

“People used to say I had gone mad, but when they realized my apps were being downloaded by people from all over the world, they were all praises for me.”

Future Plans

Hemant has become​the face of inspiration for many young minds of Hoshangabad who seek to learn coding and app development. Besides, Hemant is looking forward to teach coding to local students. He is accompanied by two teachers from the Industrial Training Institute of Itarsi, a city in Hoshangabad district to assist him in training students.

He may be known  as a established app developer​but his plans are big . He is planning to start his app development and web company.

“I am very optimistic. If it is successful, it will create many employment opportunities in Hoshangabad,”

The story of Hemant Mehra shows us the struggle of a helpless man who was deprived of higher education and financial support. His Grandmother who never stopped backing him from achieving the success. There are more people like Hemant whose entire life had been a struggle but nobody knows about it. And we, from our blog are trying to unveil the stories of such inspirational personalities of India.