Inspirational Uncommon Success Story of IAS Officers – Govind Jaiswal, Ansar Shaikh, Vivek Chauhan

Most stories should not be unheard. The inspiring stories should be heard by the masses so that more people could get motivated and inspired by their stories. Such stories should be well publicized and luckily enough, the technology has helped us do the same. Nowadays, people can share and trade their success stories through Social Media or through writing blogs and contents. Luckily enough such blogs do get the required recognition and henceforth increasing the publication of such content.

Among such success stories, it is the IAS success stories that get the most recognition in India. India is known for frequently hosting and conducting the UPSC exams, Union Public Service Commission is one of the prime ways for getting a central government job in India. Students or People who take part in this examination often go through a lot to participate and consequently succeeding in the exams.

The said people live a normal life just like us, instead, they have more determination. As said before the IAS examination is categorized as one of the most challenging exams. This competitive exam is followed by a round of interviews and group discussion sessions. It takes a lot of hard work and determination to crack this particular exam. Here is a short write up of three such people whose story is worth being heard around the world. These stories will surely make up your mind to stay determined and focused.

Ansar Shaikh- Yougest IAS Officer, Son of Ricksaw Driver  

Ansar Shaikh was just another determined student whose aim was to be an IAS officer. The reason why this young man’s accomplishment is worth sharing is that of his tremendous effort for securing the IAS exam in the first attempt itself. Moreover, this young man did not “buy” the skills that pay the bill. Ansar is a son of an auto rickshaw driver and his desire for IAS position made him the youngest IAS officer at the age of just 21 years.

Since Ansar came from a financially backward family, he used to work as a waiter when he was studying so as to earn and collect money that he used to pay for his classes and computer tuition. Even though Ansar could only secure a 70% on his 10th board exams, he bounced back with a great result in the IAS exam. Being the only graduate of his family, Ansars accomplishment is undoubted, a proud moment for his father.

Vivek Chauhan – Cleared IAS in 6th Attempt 

Ok, Vivek Chauhan’s story is completely different and honestly a bit more motivational as well. Vivek Chauhan is a resident of Ghaziabad and his life took a challenging beginning. The younger Chauhan used to wake up at 5:00 AM to catch a train for traveling all the way to the capital city Delhi to do his schooling. This was his daily routine till he finished his 12th standard. Out of the total 24 hours, Vivek used to spend around 6 hours for traveling alone.

Unlike most of the other aspirants, Vivek’s dream was to be a doctor. Being categorized under General category it was hard for him to pursue and accomplish his dream. He would then take up teacher training. After going through a lot of coaching and training Vivek got temporarily posted on a school at the age of 19. He followed the path for a normal life of a teacher and got married when he was 25 years old. His desire for being doctor slowly faded away and his new desire was to take up civil services.

The Hardships he went through

Back then, general candidates had 4 attempts to write the civil service exams. As a busy family guy who had a lot of responsibilities and duties, it was hard for him to prepare and write a challenging exam like that of civil services.  He lost his very first attempt due to his negligence for preparation. After slowly achieving his responsibilities as a family man, Vivek got back to his preparation. This time around with a determined mindset.

The reason why he thinks being a teacher helped him in his long run towards IAS officer is when he was elected as one among the representatives of teachers association. He would then become the General Secretary. Being the General secretary, Vivek had a lot of responsibilities but all of this work helped him to get a better determination for pursuing IAS officer. This determination was tested when he appeared to take on civil services for the second time. After appearing for the 2010 prelims, he was disappointed with his results as he was short of just 7 marks to get a spot. CSE 2 Vivek 0

After a disappointing defeat, he prepared even harder for the third attempt. With a huge support base, Vivek was optimistic this time around. This optimism turned into something like overconfidence as he failed to secure the third attempt as well. CSE 3 Vivek 0

His success

All this time marks were a problem for him to clear the prelims, but it was different for the fourth and final attempt. Even though he cleared the cutoff mark for prelims, CSE changed the cut off scheme, which led him to fail for the fourth and final time.

Luckily Vivek got an additional 2 attempts with which he successfully completed his desire. All this hard work and determination handed him an All India Rank of 300.

Govind Jaiswal – Son of Rickshaw Puller

Govind Jaiswal is known for his tremendous achievement of bagging the 48th rank in the Civil Services examination. The story behind such success is truly inspiring. Govind is a son of Rickshaw puller. He dealt with a lot of hard times on the way to achieving his aspiration. One among the challenges he faced was that of lack of money.

Living together in a congested rested home was never easy for him. Moreover managing to get space was studying was hard. On the road towards achieving his dreams, his father got ill was no more able to pull rickshaw again. This was a huge blow to him and his family, However, all these challenges made him stronger as he studied hard and got an All India Rank of 48 in 2007. Truly Inspiring!