The Inspirational Journey of C Vanmathi -Daughter of Farmer Who Became IAS Officer


The Inspirational Journey of IAS C Vanmathi 

It is not important for all UPSC aspirants to be financially wealthy, all they need is a huge amount of knowledge. This is proven by the highly inspiring story of one such person who cracked the UPSC exams with ease. You might have heard women empowerment, the true power of women can be easily analyzed from the determined and inspiring lady IAS officer. If you are one amongst those who ardently follow current affairs and reads the paper, almost every day, then you might have identified the person with ease.



The great and inspiring person that I’m talking about is, none other than the IAS officer C.Vanmathi. Based out of Erode, Vanmathi came from a family where happiness and joy always beat the financial income. From a not so wealthy family, Vanmathi actively helped her parents out in herding. Even in her early age, she had a dream of pursuing IAS. The said dream was an outcome of yet another lady IAS officer, but this time a reel IAS officer from the teleseries, Ganga Jamuna Saraswathy. Except for the reel IAS officer, she was also inspired by the real, district IAS officer at that time. She was inspired by his actions and kindness.  All this made her decide and picture her career as a district IAS officer.

During her early teens, she was a normal girl who started her college and pursued higher studies. Even though her family was not financially wealthy, her family were always with her and would give her enough resources such as books and most importantly she was given a good support. This can be well understood with her parent’s decision to let her study further, even though it is a part of their tradition to marry off the girl as soon one completes 12th standard.

Higher studies

After successfully completing the undergraduate, Vanmathi had excellent results and she would then go on to pursue post-graduation. After completing her post graduation in computer applications, she pursued a job in a private bank. Even though she was well placed, her determination to achieve her dream took over the reality. She then appeared for the UPSC exams in the year 2015. All of her hard work, sweat, and tears were all tested in that UPSC examination.  As a determined lady, she still had high hopes for better results.

UPSC exams

Her intuition was true and she was elected as one among the 1236 to attend the final exams. After being shortlisted for the next stage, Vanmathi gave her level best to pursue her dreams. She gave her interview sessions and hoped for the best. By the time the results were about to go live, Vanmathi was living a normal life, in fact, was facing hard times, as her father Chenniyappan was diagnosed with a spinal injury. It did not take much time for his scars to heal as the news of his daughter’s accomplishment was enough to spark a smile on his smile.

C. Vanmathi bagged 152nd position in the exams. Hailing from a cattle rearer family, C. Vanmathi proved that nothing is impossible once you have a determined heart and mindset. Her story is a true epitome of success and is guaranteed to inspire more women or people in general to achieve their dreams and to celebrate the success in style. She is now serving as a district IAS officer and promises for the betterment of the district as well the country as a whole. We need more people like C. Vanmathi so that more people could easily inspire.

If this story does not inspire you, I doubt that you even have a sense of developing inspiration. C. Vanmathi proves that money is not all, that is required to pursue a better way of living and consequently for pursuing your dreams.

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