The tale of Arokyaswamy Velumani: His journey from 150 Rs Salary to 3600 crore company

Being optimism is a one thing and turning that optimism into action is another. It sounds like philosophy but it really works in reality. Some great people used this philosophy to turn the fate in their favor.

Today, we are going to highlight the life of Arokyaswamy Velumani who turned his optimistic approach into action . Arokyaswamy is another example of inspiration who came from nowhere and currently the founding chairman of 3600 crore company thyrocare technologies limited.

Before we actually know about his multimillionaire company we want to have a glimpse of Arokyaswamy.


The Family Background


Arokyaswamy Velumani was born in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. He belonged to a poor family where his father worked as landless farmer. The family was going through hardships as there wasn’t enough money to fulfill the basic requirements of the family. Being the eldest among four siblings, Arokyaswamy never let his misery effect his aims. He had always been optimistic and believed in looking into the  brighter side. In order to support his family he also worked in fields



It was 1978 , when Arokyaswamy got his first break in capsule company. His salary was just 150 Rs which wasn’t much to take care of his family. Unfortunately, few years later the company shut down leaving Arokyaswamy confused. He kept on applying for jobs for a while and luckily he got one. His application in Bhabha Atomic Research centre for the post of scientific assistant was accepted. He joined the Mumbai office in 1998. He continued his studies alongside the job , he finished his Post graduate while working and also went for his doctorate in thyroid biochemistry from Mumbai university.



Time to make a difference

After working 15 years with Bhabha Atomic research centre , he felt like the job was too good for his liking. It wasn’t like he was being paid less but it was something else. He had a salary 800 RS that time which had a great value those days. He decided to quit and nobody from his family liked his decision only his wife did .


It was 1995 when he decided to have his own research centre. For the beginning he withdrew 1 lakh from his provident fund and rented his 200 sq feet garage space .


Arokyaswamy’s Thyrocare Technologies limited


Thyrocare Technologies limited was setup in Byculla, South Mumbai.  Arokyaswamy knew he will face lots of challenges while setting his organization and he really did encounter challenges but never gave up.

He went to laboratories and hospitals himself to collect the samples. Now he was witnessing the growth of the company as the number of samples grew up. The company started taking samples for other diseases like diabetes and  arthritis etc. Soon they became fully fledged, they started collecting samples from patients and hospitals . Once the sample is collected they are brought to fully automated lab in Mumbai.



From 15 employees in 1998 and turnover of 1 crore Thyrocare now changed these figures drastically as currently it has 1000 employees with an annual turnover of RS 235 crore .

Some noticable facts about Arokyaswamy’s Thyrocare Technologies limited:

* In April 2016, the company recorded the tremendous response on stock market .

* The company’s IPO got a great response and was oversubscribed 72 times

* Thyrocare Technologies has 12000 franchisees in India.