Srikant Pantawane’s journey from an auto driver to pilot with IndiGo

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Srikant Pantawane’s journey from an auto driver to pilot with IndiGo

Nagpur’s Srikant Pantawane was an auto driver who went on to become a pilot with one of the leading airlines, Indigo. He is the son of a security guard. His struggles and hardships proved that nothing is impossible if one is determined for it. What is truly motivating is his will to achieve what he dreamt of.

Srikant started working as a delivery boy in his early days to support his family. To meet the family’s finances he later started driving an auto. At a very young age, Srikant took the responsibilities of the family on his shoulders. He balanced both his job and studies to support his family.
He was never disheartened by the hardships, obstacles, and problems that came in his way. He fought against all odds to pursue his dreams.
Once when Srikant had gone to deliver a parcel, he learned from cadets that one can become pilot even without being inducted in the Indian Air Force. This conversation with the cadets was the turning point in the life of Srikant.

Later during his conversation with a tea-staller, he learned about a pilot scholarship program by the DGCA.
After learning about the scholarship program Srikant immediately started preparing for the scholarship.
Srikant started preparing for the exam from his 12th-grade books. He passed the exam with flying colors. A few weeks later he was in a flight school in Madhya Pradesh.

He overcame his biggest obstacle of English with the help of his friends. Srikant passed the examination and got his commercial license, but he had to wait because of the global recession in the aviation market.
Pantawane worked as an executive until he received a call from IndiGo Airlines to include him as a First Officer in its pack of pilots.
His story is a true example of hard work and determination.

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