PC Mustafa: From an IT professional to a successful Entrepreneur

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PC Mustafa: From an IT professional to a successful Entrepreneur

PC Mustafa, son of a daily wager is now head of a 100-crore company. His company, ID Fresh-packaged idli and dosa batter which is sold in all major cities of India.

Let us know more about him-

Mustafa is from a remote village in the Wayanad district of Kerela. His father was a coolie on a coffee plantation. His village did not have roads and electricity. There was only one primary school in his village. Mustafa is the eldest of his three younger sisters. Mustafa used to help his father in his job after school and on school holidays. His father wanted him to quit his school after he failed in class 6th but his Maths teacher forced his father to give him one more chance to repeat class 6.

With the help and guidance of his Maths teacher, Mustafa came first in class seventh and went on to excel in his studies. Mustafa secured 63rd rank in the state in the engineering entrance exam and got admitted to Regional Engineering College in Computer Science.

Mustafa got placed in a startup in Bengaluru after completing an engineering degree. Later he got a job at Motorola and was sent to Ireland by the company for a year and a half.

Then Mustafa worked at Citibank, Dubai where his salary crossed Rs. 1 lakh per month. He returned to India after seven years and decided to do an MBA and enrolled for an MBA at IIM Banglore.

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”Though I had a good GATE score, I couldn’t continue higher studies after my engineering due to financial constraints”, Mustafa said in an interview.

Mustafa invested Rs. 25000 to start the idli, dosa batter business which was suggested by his cousin Shamsudeen. They started supplying the batter to 20 stores in Bengaluru under the brand name ‘ID’.

After making more profit they pumped more capital in their little venture.  

“I would sit in the shop on weekends and holidays. After IIM, I could have got a job anywhere, but I decided to be on my own,” says Mustafa.

They also moved to a bigger space and in two years their daily output increased to 3,500 kg of batter.

 “When we started, the market for ready-made batter was 300kg per day. Today, it is 40,000 kg per day in Bengaluru alone,” Mustafa told Livemint.

After completing MBA Mustafa joined as CEO of marketing and finance of ID Fresh.

As the demand for their product increased they invested more in their company and also set up a new company in other cities and one in Dubai.

Mustafa’s company achieved a turnover of Rs.100 crore in 2015-16 and are aiming to increase in next years.

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