IAS Kinjal Singh- The Daughter Who Brought Justice to Her Fathers Death

“There is no crueler tyranny than that which is perpetuated under the shield of law and in the name of justice.”

-Charles de Montesquieu

Truly said, and braved by Deputy Superintendent of Police KP Singh, who was fake encountered by his own colleagues in Gonda district of Uttar Pradesh, 1982. Since then, wife Vibha Devi and daughters Kinjal and Pranjal  made innumerable efforts to get justice for DSP KP Singh.

Kinjal Singh was born to late DSP KP Singh and Vibha Devi. When she was only 6 months old, her father was shot dead by his own colleagues in an encounter. Widowed mother, Vibha Devi raised the two girls while fighting for her husband’s justice. She faced all kinds of struggle to get justice for her deceased husband. Vibha Devi took a job in a tresuary in Varanasi, but most of her time was spend doing rounds of the Supreme Court, Delhi. At the age when Kinjal should have played with her friends, she accompanied her mother to the court each day. At a very tender age, she understood what struggle her mother had to make each day to get justice for her father. Seeing her mother’s struggle, Kinjal started working hard to reach the zenith of her career. She completely dedicated herself to studies to fulfill her father’s dream to be an IAS officer.

IAS Kinjal Singh
IAS Kinjal Singh

Struggle to Success

Kinjal being a topper since childhood got admission in the most prestigious college of Delhi- Lady Shri Ram College. During her first year of graduation, she came to know that her mother was suffering from cancer and won’t be able to live long. After loosing her father, Kinjal had only her mother as the person she could look up to as source of strength and motivation. The news of her mother’s illness came as a shock to her. It was very difficult for her to see her mother in such miserable pain. She then decided the she and sister Pranjal will become IAS officers and bring justice to their father. These words bought her mother the mental peace she needed and she passed away a few days later. Kinjal returned to Delhi after 2 days to appear in an exam. She not only passed but bagged a gold medal and became the University Topper.

Kinjal Singh presented with gold medal for topping the university

After graduation, Kinjal called her sister to Delhi, to stay with her in a rented apartment in Mukharjee Nagar and  prepare for the UPSC Examination. During that time, their uncle and aunt took care of them. While their friends took festive breaks to visit their hometowns, these two sisters remained focused on their studies. Their single main goal to secure a good rank and become IAS officers. The two sisters became each other’s strength and motivation.

It was time for them to fulfill the promise they made to their mother. Results of UPSC 2007 were declared and both of them cleared the examinations with good ranks. Kinjal secured 25th rank and Pranjal secured 252nd rank.

Fight for Justice

The sisters then overtook the fight to get justice for their murdered father by putting the culprits who had killed their father behind bars. The strong will power and determination of the sisters sent a strong message across the justice system. The Uttar Pradesh court passed death sentence to three policemen responsible for killing their father. They continued with their fight until the day when Special CBI Court adjudicated all the 18 policemen as guilty. It was on 5th June 2013, when the struggle of 31 years came to an end, the day when they truly gratified the promise they made to their mother.

Today, IAS Kinjal Singh is known as one of the most fierce and honest officers in the country. Although she is an IAS officer today, the struggle and hard work she has done to reach at this position is exemplary. Her struggle to become an IAS officer was coupled with her aim to bring justice to her deceased father. She is an inspiration to the youth of India.