Dreams to live(Hello English!!)

Success is an aim to accomplish. It is not just created in a day. Once started need focus, determination, will power and innovative ideas to achieve it.

A story about achievement of a startup company CultureAlleys, that developed an App Hello English which became number one educational app in India on Google Play Store. CultureAlleys is a tech startup company Co-founded by a couple Nishant Patni and Pranshu Patni.

Nishant Patni is an IItian and also did MBA and was placed in an MNC. Also Pranshu Patni was also working in an MNC but for this project to get accomplished and soon before getting married they launched this app in October 2014.

The idea of this project started when Pranshu Patni’s husband Nishant Patni who got relocated to Shanghai, China for an exchange program. Being a vegetarian he was worried about how to communicate with locals for food. So he tried learning Mandarin through online courses, tutorial books and also attended learning classes, but due to his hectic schedule had to give up during that time. Pranshu realised many other wanted to learn some other languages but due to their hectic schedule they are not able to do so. Because of this thought she left her job as an analyst at Pitney Bowes in Gurgaon, to start working on CultureAlley. Pranshu came back to her city Jaipur. There she started working on it.

At first they started with a website that could teach languages including English, Hindi, Mandarin and Spanish, through multiple trainings. Soon it became famous and more than 500 startup company started to use it in their module. These couple didn’t stopped their effort. They started developing app Hello English which will be supported by android, IOS and windows. After it was developed in October 2014 in 8 months one million people downloaded the app.

This app has very interesting catalog to start with.

Firstly user has to pass one test and according to results he gets assigned with course which suits him best. Onwards, each course has it’s unique design to developed users language capabilities. Also user can connect with teachers for further queries on skype with minimal amount. There is also a feature of complete course with the payment of the required amount. As this app is having this much features which is very helpful to the beginner as well as for experts, it began to be downloaded rapidly and became India’s number one educational app by Google play store.

They were awarded many times from 2015 for creating so useful educational stuff. This wasn’t achieved in day one. They have put lots of effort in it and maintained their consistency. Now a days it is very important to know that if a dream is to be fulfilled, the person should be fast and consistent about there work.