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Meet Harsh Agarwal -Know How His Blogging Hobby Made Him the Second Richest Blogger in India

Will you leave your job at Accenture to pursue your hobby as a career?

May be you don’t but Harsh Agarwal did. Harsh Agarwal is one of the successful and richest bloggers of India. His website ShoutMeLoud.com generates millions per month. So, you never underestimate the power of blogging in 21st century.

Let’s know more about this dream catcher.
Harsh Agarwal completed his engineering from Sharda University in 2008. He was placed in Accenture but there was enough time to join the company .So he started working in a call centre. He was always enthusiastic about technology and computers. While he was working with Convergys he started blogging on blogger. The response he was getting from the website easy was simply good and later he decided to work on self-hosted WordPress. His friends helped him buying host and domain and that’s how ShoutMeLoud came into existence.

Harsh stated in an interview:

“You know, earning money online always sounded like a scam to me. Before I started earning, I thought all online money making schemes were flawed. I was proven wrong by a guy who sent me $10 for fixing an SEO-related issue with the Google Webmaster tool. That’s when I created a PayPal account (my first time with PayPal) and earned my first money online. I even called all my friends to tell them that I had made money online. It was a proud moment for me. Later, I started earning money directly from the blog, using AdSense and affiliate marketing”

It wasn’t hard for him to choose between a mainstream career and blogging as a career. He chose the second option and began working on it. And you won’t believe he couldn’t have been earning that much amount if he was working with Convergys or Accenture. Since then, he has been earning millions per month through ShoutMeLoud.

ShoutMeLoud owner Harsh Agarwal doesn’t believe in traditional approach of working in Office.


He believes:

“I’ve worked with many freelancers in the past, and was never a big fan of working from the office. I believe that true freedom is being able to work from anywhere, atanytime, and I believe this culture is going to be implemented worldwide in the coming years. So this is one of the reasons I did not hire full-time employees. Right now, I have one full-time employee and the rest are freelancers and virtual assistants working from around the globe.”


ShoutMeLoud is a subsidiary website under the parent brand ShoutDreams which has around eight live blogs under the same network. Apart from ShoutMeLoud there are other websites which are getting better in terms of earning and popularity. These are
ShoutMeTech & WPfreesetup.

Harsh Agarwal bought flat 2 years back from his blogging income in Gurgaon and settled there. He also has plans to expand his blogging business by setting up an office with talented people. He also focused on content for ShoutMeLoud.com/pro which is an online course to learn blogging.

Harsh Agarwal has an advice for a all the bloggers who want to have blogging as career.
Read below what he has to say

“And ​lot of people who want to start a blog wait for the right time and a perfect formula. My advice for such people is: start right away. There is no right time for starting anything new. Once you start, you will keep moving.

Learning is a continuous process, but one should spend two or three months learning about SEO, social media marketing, and branding. These three things will take you places. I’m assuming you are a prolific writer. Do remember, we are living in the world where information changes with the snap of a finger. To stay ahead in this era, you need to be constantly in the know of the latest news in your field.”

If you look at ShoutMeLoud website , you will find it really interesting and resourceful. No wonder it has millions of regular readers from the globe. ShoutMeLoud is also known as SML. And according to Harsh the definition of SML is:

“A community of enthusiastic bloggers who are popularly known as “Shouters”! These are bloggers who are living an internet lifestyle or are currently moving in that direction.”

ShoutMeLoud consists of information mainly pertaining to “How to make money online from your blog”. There is a little section for personal stories and jokes.
If you are thinking SML deals with only technical stuff you are missing the big part. Instead, SML helps everyone in understanding​the digital methods to promote their business in the form of digital marketing.

SML also offers you tutorials and guides to break the complex blogging process into the simple one. SML can be considered as the Wikipedia of blogging tips and techniques.
Harsh Agarwal also published the Affiliate marketing handbook and WordPress eBook which has more than 7 thousand downloads till now.
Besides, SML can also be used as mobile app and you can download it from Apple store and Play store.

The story of Amar Singh who started the morabba business with Rs 1200 now runs million Rupees company

You don’t need a degree to prove your ability. It requires guts and courage to experiment your thoughts and ideas. Here , we are talking about Amar Singh who owns the Amar Mega Food Private Limited, situated in Samman, rural Rajasthan. His amla morabba company generates a turnover of Rs 26 lakh .

Amar wasn’t born with silver spoon in his mouth. Born and brought up in a below middle class family, Amar wasn’t lucky to gain higher education as he got drop out from school. As far as his career is concerned due to lack of proper academics he had been doing odd jobs in his past for living. Prominently he had been a rickshaw driver for most the time and not only this he also ran a photo shop. It was 1995 , and he was going through one news paper article when he found out something written about amla’s health benefits. Instantly, an idea clicked into his mind and since then he dedicated his life to amla business. He began with planting and growing amlas in the field . He also took care of sales of amla in the local market. He had earned the initial profit from his little business but local traders became trouble for his business.

Soon he made up his mind and decided to establish his own food processing unit. This time he wasn’t alone and with the support of an NGO known as Lupin Human Welfare Research & Foundation (LHWRF), he came up with more different varieties of amla based food products.
Amar quoted,

“Everything from cultivating to processing, packaging, and transporting the finished products is done from here,” “I don’t have to go to the traders now; rather they come here.”


Later, Amar initiated Amar Self Help Group, now known as  Amar Mega Food Private Limited . Amar started his business with an investment of Rs 1,200 from which he planted 60 amla saplings and today the return on investment figures are way too much.

Amar has been running the company very successfully and earned himself a name in the local market. Talking about his team , his company comprises of around more than two dozen people in which half of the employees are women.


Below are some less known facts about Amla or Indian gooseberry:

1. Amla is rich in Vitamin C,iron, antioxidants and calcium.
2.Amla literally boosts the immunity if a human body
3.Amla prevents the risk of heart disease.

Meet Mansi Prakash who is just 20 year old and replacing high power consuming bulbs with energy efficient bulbs to save people’s money

You must have seen Shahrukh khan’s swades . The movie was about how a non residential Indian help the entire village in generating electricity .

What if I tell you there is someone like Mohan bhargav of Swades in real life. Meet Mansi prakash who is just a 20 year old girl . She has major in economics from from the New York University.

It was 2010 when she visited her Grandparents village and found that villagers don’t have lights during night. And later she came to know that just for the sake of saving electricity expenses they don’t use lights at night .
The reason was incandescent bulbs which they have been using since forever and had no idea that there are alternative to incandescent bulbs in the market.

Mansi took the charge and replaced the high power consuming incandescent bulbs with energy efficient bulbs.
She helped 10 families in getting rid of incandescent bulbs and bought energy efficient bulbs for these families from her own money.

Mansi stated ,

“Most families have light bulbs – they just weren’t turning them on and using them.”

She also added,

“For someone who couldn’t afford food three times a day, paying the high electricity bills was not an option.”

She knew the fact that high energy consuming bulbs don’t last long enough as compared to 11-watt fluorescent lamp bulbs which is known for its long lasting efficiency , generally these bulbs lasted for three to four years which is worth your money. No matter it cost much in the initial stage but what matters is the result and by investing in energy efficient bulbs there’s a straight away of reduction of
household electric bill payments upto 80 percent.

Mansi believe

“The family savings could easily go toward education or health care”.

She took this matter to another level and founded non profit organization Brighter Today. The organization is backed by Clinton Foundation, Which has been involved in the distribution of energy-efficient bulbs that are donated by Philips.

She used her Glamour magazine  $20,0000 grand prize to fund her project.Her organization have been successful so far in bringing eco-friendly,cost-effective and long-lasting lighting to around 5,300 residents of the Behlana village close to Chandigarh for the very first time. She is a girl with a vision and she is not stopping trying anything fruitful for the society. As for now she has been planning to work on solar panel prototype to provide light to households without​ any dependency on electricity.

Mansi says ,

“I often think about a girl I met while installing bulbs,” she told the Glamour magazine. “She longed to go to school, but her parents couldn’t afford it. Once they started saving on their energy bill, they could. She is why I do this. It’s her life I want to change.”

The Untold Story of Hemant Mehra- A poor kid from Hoshangabad Develops 15 World-Wide Popular Apps

Life is complex as they are full of good and bad days. You never worry about happy days and you shouldn’t but bad days often visit uninvited. You don’t know how to deal with it and you make yourself believe not to worry everything will be alright. But everything is not all right unless you make it all right. And Hemant Mehra is the man who made it right.

Hemant Mehra is known as a mobile app developer who earns 1.5 lakhs per month . He has around 15 Mobile apps on play store developed by him. The interesting thing he is a school dropout.
Surprised??? Well he is a man with a capabilities and he knew what to do.

Early Life

Hemant belongs to Gwaltoli village of Hoshangabad district in Madhya Pradesh. It was his father’s death who changed everything. He was 15 when his father passed away leaving his family into a tough situation. Due to insufficient financial support he had to drop out of school. His father was a government employee and Hemant was given assurance that he would be given a government job once he became 18.

Government Ditched Him

What was about to happen in Hemant’s life was disappointing. In 2009 he turned 18 and reached out the Government office believing once he get the job life would become easy for him. But things totally turned out opposite as there was no job waiting for him in the office. He was highly disappointed but didn’t give up.

Never Quit Learning

He might have quit the school but didn’t quit the will to learn. He always loved working on computer. You won’t believe but he learned the coding all by himself without any institutional education.

He says

“I had always enjoyed working on a PC. My teachers would even let me sit in the computer class with my seniors because I was a quick learner.”

Codes Became His Passion

In order to handle his expenditures he also went for odd jobs. In 2011 while going through newspaper he found out that there are great opportunities in the web and app development space. Soon he starts researching about apps and coding. It was the moment he decided to learn coding and develop apps but learning coding was not a piece of cake.

Due to lack of money and unavailability of coaching institutes at his place he had hardly any options left except self learning. So, he began his learning. He started going to internet Cafe for learning and even purchased books to study.

Grandmother Was A Real Supporter

Things became easier when his Grandmother took charge of him and his family. His Grandmother took care of everything he needed. She even bought him a laptop and paid for the internet bills. But the most important thing, his Grandmother had always been supportive no matter what.

Hemant mentions

“My grandmother ignored all of that and paid for the internet bills, which would sometimes be up to Rs 5,000-6,000. I cannot ever thank her enough for the trust she showed in me.”

He also added

“It might seem very easy to outsiders but I faced so many issues during test runs and launch that I thought of giving up many times. It was my grandmother who came to my rescue every time”

Time To Launch

The time had come to use his knowledge and he came up with his first app Mappi . Mappi was launched in November 2012 on the Play Store. Since then Hemant never looked back and developed 15 apps so far.
“Lovers in a Spin” was another feather in his cap as the app is liked by users from different countries like USA, Israel, south Africa, France etc.

He quotes ,

“People used to say I had gone mad, but when they realized my apps were being downloaded by people from all over the world, they were all praises for me.”

Future Plans

Hemant has become​the face of inspiration for many young minds of Hoshangabad who seek to learn coding and app development. Besides, Hemant is looking forward to teach coding to local students. He is accompanied by two teachers from the Industrial Training Institute of Itarsi, a city in Hoshangabad district to assist him in training students.

He may be known  as a established app developer​but his plans are big . He is planning to start his app development and web company.

“I am very optimistic. If it is successful, it will create many employment opportunities in Hoshangabad,”

The story of Hemant Mehra shows us the struggle of a helpless man who was deprived of higher education and financial support. His Grandmother who never stopped backing him from achieving the success. There are more people like Hemant whose entire life had been a struggle but nobody knows about it. And we, from our blog are trying to unveil the stories of such inspirational personalities of India.

The success tale of C K Ranganathan- A man who started from Rs 15000 business now runs the Rs 500 crore company

c k ranganathan

You think only multinationals can rule the Indian industry…. Think again because we have people in India who beat these multinationals in the arena of advanced​consumer goods. And one of the people who did this was C K Ranganathan.

C K Ranganathan is a chairman and MD of CavinKare worth Rs 500 crore.He stated his business with a mere amount of Rs 15,000 well that’s long time back. You have every right to know how C k Ranganathan evolved his business and how did it all begin.

Follow the story as you are about to enter into the life of a successful entrepreneur where you can learn some business skill and get inspired.

Childhood and family background
He was born in a good family. His father Chinni Krishnan was an agriculturalist and pharmaceutical businessman. Chinni Krishnan knew that his son Ranganathan was weak in studies he advised him to start a business or become an agriculturalist.
Unlike his siblings he wasn’t given much luxury in the education. Besides he wasn’t doing well in studies which made him suffer from inferiority complex.

He might not be doing well in studies but he was doing great in rearing pets. With more than 500 birds and fishes he started making money off it. This is how he managed his first little business. This indicated that he had got the spirit to be a businessman.

The sachet concept

it was CK Ranganathan’s father who came with the concept of sachet. Ranganathan’s father chinni believed that whatever product he produce must be used by everyone no matter you are a coolie or a rickshaw puller. That’s the reason he started putting things into small packs or sachets. There was a time talcum powder was sold in tin containers so what he did he sold the same powder in smaller packs of 20 gm, 50 gm and 100gm. He even turned the 100 gm Epsom salt packet into the small sachet of 5 gm.

His father was visionary man who believed sachets would be the product of the future. No doubt he had innovative ideas but he lacked in understanding and forming marketing strategies
Joining the family business

Life after his father’s death

After his father died, his brothers were in charge of the family business and they introduced velvette shampoo in the market.  Ranganathan also joined the business but couldn’t stayed for long as his ideas were clashing with his brothers.

The Rs 15000 venture

 soon after leaving his brothers company Ranganathan had to do something and he did. He had savings from his previous job which he decided to invest in his own business. So, first thing was to decide what business he should do. He could only think of rearing pets and making shampoo as he had been dealing with them in the past. At last, he chose the shampoo business. For that he had to invest around 15,000 Rs on renting a house cum office, factory and bought shampoo making machine from that money.

Chik Shampoo 

Ranganathan named his business on his father’s name Chi from chinni and k from Krishna. His startup faced hurdles in the beginning but did succeed gradually as he learned so many things while doing business. In the next year they stated earning the profits.
In order to maintain, manage and expand the business Ranganathan needed large sum of money.  He was struggling to get the loans from the Banks but did not succeed as he had no collateral to give to the bank. But luckily one bank helped his company and offered him a loan of Rs 25,000. The reason why bank helped him was that he always paid his taxes.

Now, Chick shampoo was entering in the market where there were already competitors like his brothers company Velvette Shampoo which was being marketed by Godrej. But there was nothing to be afraid of as he had an offer nobody could refuse. The initial scheme was they exchanged five sachets of any shampoo for a Chik Shampoo sachet for free. However, they discontinued the scheme as now they began giving one free Chik Shampoo sachet in lieu of five Chik Shampoo sachets.

The schemes were massive success as now everyone was buying chick shampoos only. And you won’t believe the sales jumped from Rs 35,000 to Rs 12 lakh per month. This was just the beginning as soon the figures were about to get increased. They introduced rose and Jasmine fragrances shampoos and the sales figure touched to Rs 30 lakh per month. The biggest game changer was using actor Amala as a brand endorser, who helped them in earning Rs 1 crore per month.

The year was 1992 and chick shampoos were all over the South Indian market. Besides, Ranganathan overtook his brothers business and it took him 9 years.

Ranganathan and his​ Midas touch
The time was come when everything seemed to be in Ranganathan’s​ side or I say he could turn profit out of anything​. He knew the importance of Indian rural market which multinational companies were underestimating. He know the Indian rural market was expanding  and he turned this knowledge into profit . He captured the rural market of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and other states.
Soon Ranganathan entered into another business and this time it was Meera herbal powder. As mentioned Ranganathan’s Midas touch was working everywhere and same thing happened with this new venture also.

His herbal herbal​powder was a success and overtook the business of dominating Shaw Wallace and recorded the
95 per cent market share.

They also launched perfume for the poor which anyone can afford. It was spinz that was priced just Rs 10 so that ordinary people can also have some fun.

Products like Fairever and Ruchi pickles were also launched by his company. Fairever was a fairness cream and this venture was a risk as there is already a player successfully running the show. But still Fairever did pretty good and secured the second place in the market share of fairness creams. As far Ruchi pickles are concerned they literally succeed in the market.


As his company were planning to expand latest products, they decided to name the company CavinKare (initials of his father’s​name) under which beauty and cosmetic products would be sold.

Being a founder and chairman of CavinKare, Ranganathan believe that it was his team who worked so hard and should be responsible for this massive success.

Ranganathan always feel that we are social being and it is our duty to pay the society back. So his company CavinKare sponsored for CavinKare Ability Award for physically disabled people so that these people must be appreciated for their hard efforts.

Meet India’s Warren Buffett, The Low profile Investor Turned Overnight Billionaire

In the wake of Avenue Supermarkets, operators of D-Mart stores, listing at a valuation of over $6 billion (almost Rs 40,000 crore), its main promoter, Radhakishan Damani- often referred to as Mr White & White (for his all-white attire) and The Silent Operator (for his reclusive nature)-found himself worth more than such long-time Indian billionaires as Anil Ambani, Ajay Piramal, Rahul Bajaj and Anil Agarwal. Recently Forbes had calculated the Damani family’s net worth at $2.3 billion, Damani family’s 82% stake in D-Mart alone is worth Rs32,871.75 crore, or $5.03 billion. Its stake in other listed entities is worth another Rs3,000 crore, besides a property portfolio that includes the 156-room Radisson Blu Resort in Alibag.
Journey from Shop Owner to Billionaire
Radhakishan Damani is the founder of supermarket retail chain D-mart which has more than 117 stores  in India. Besides he once was a  renowned personality in the world of stock market . Mr. Damani is popularily known as Mr. White because you will always find him wearing the white attire.

His Early Life Struggle

Mr. Damani wasn’t born rich but had a family who dealt with Stock Market.After his father died he had to shut down his small ball bearing business and began working in his stock broking firm.

Stock broking business was an entirely new thing for Mr. Damani . So, he started keenly observing  how the things taken care of. After spending some time observing the functioning of stock broking business he jumped into the business and never look back.

He was really influenced by Chandrakant Sampat who was the ace investor in the business. Damani was a man of patience and believed in the self formulation of strategy. These two qualities made him the prominent players in Dalal street , Mumbai. By early 90s he had made enough fortune for himself. Damani also came into limelight when he took over Harshad Mehta , renowned Dalal street giant and that earned him the name among the legends in the fraternity of stock market investors.

D-Mart Inception

After spending years and earning great name in stock market  he decided to quit and setup his own venture .So, he laid the foundation of D-mart which was operated by Damani’s Avenue Supermarts Limited (ASL) . D-mart was basically a supermarket retail chain where household products can be purchased at much reasonable rates. D-mart proved to be the successful supermarket retail chain now worth Rs $6 billion.

Currently, D-mart operates in  in 117 different locations across Gujarat, Maharashtra ,Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh,  Karnataka, NCR, Telangana and Chhattisgarh. Damani is currently worth $5.4 billion which, according to Forbes list, place him among the top 15 Indian billionaires in the world .

Down to Earth Man

Even after being so rich and successful, Damani never attracted towards the spotlight and fame. He is still a down to earth human being who is the source of inspiration to all the aspiring people.

Manju Bhatia – The Lady Who Run A Bank Loan Recovery Company Worth Crores

You must have observed people (lender) bothered by loan recovery agents to collect the loan amount. Whenever you hear the term loan recovery agents a negative image of agent instantly strikes your mind. You instantly get the picture of a rude and  misbehaving man knocking at your door in your mind.
Well, there is someone who have been making difference in this area. Manju Bhatia is the name who has been handling loan affairs matters very effectively for various government sector banks.
Manju Bhatia is a 27 year old lady and currently working as the joint managing director of Adhikrut Jabti Evam Vasuli .The soul function of her vasuli agency is to track down the loan defaulters and also deals with recovery operations.
She was not even 16 when she handled her first debt recovery operation. She assisted State bank of India in recovering the loan of popular politician who had not pay his personal loan.
Manju Bhatia became the first Indian woman who initiated the loan recovery agency with only female employees. And she had a very justified reason for that. She believes females are better communicators and can handle the people (defaulters) very smoothly than male agents who people often find rude and misbehaving.
Talking about her agency Vasuli which began operating in 2003 , It’s really doing well. The agency started with three agents and currently having 200 agents in almost  every city of India. As far as the clients are concerned, Vasuli is immensely selective. Vasuli only works with Government banks/ Private sector banks . The reason why this agency don’t work with private banks because these banks are more commercially inclined with strict policy which generally people find hard to deal with. On the other hand Private sector banks are lenient , promising and they have a better image among bank account holders. People find public sector banks more trustworthy as the bank offers them relaxation in loans, debts etc .

The untold story of Prem Ganapathy – the owner of 30 crore Prem sagar Dosa franchise.

If you hail from Mumbai or a Dosa lover you must have been to Prem sagar Dosa plaza Aka Dosa plaza once in your life. Well, there is an interesting story behind how  actually this 30 crore food joint started. Prem Ganapathy was the man who started it .

Let’s have a look into the overall journey of Prem Ganapathy.

The Struggle

Prem Ganapathy hails from Nagalapuram in Tamil Nadu’s Tuticorin district. He was born in a poor family and had to give up his studies . He was a senior secondary pass out but due to financial crises he couldn’t pursue higher education. He quit his school and started supporting his family doing odd jobs . He had to take care his parents and seven siblings. He even headed for Chennai so that he can earn better money but there also he was getting a mere salary of Rs 250 a month that he had to send back home.



When his acquaintance robbed him

Time had come to move on and earn a better living. This was 17 year old Prem Ganapathy’s dream which he thought could be achieved with the help of his acquaintance as he was promised that he would get RS 1200 salary per month if he comes to Mumbai. Rather helping Prem Ganapathy in getting job , he robbed him Rs 200 leaving him stranded at Bandra . This moment was extremely hard for him as he didn’t tell his parents that he was leaving for Mumbai and he was robbed.


He decided to continue his struggle in Mumbai

Prem Ganapathy could have left Mumbai immediately after being robbed but he didn’t. He had faced lots of trouble in the early days working in Mumbai. Language was one of the issues . Fortunately, he got a job at a local bakery at mahim. He used to wash dishes there and he was getting a salary of Rs 150 for a month. The best thing about this job was he didn’t have to pay for the shelter as he could sleep in the bakery itself. He had done several kind jobs in various restaurants in Mumbai. At this point he managed to keep his savings for his own business.


Prem Ganapathy started his own little business.

The year was 1992, when Prem Ganapathy realised that he had enough savings to start his own little business of selling dosas and idling on handcart. He invested Rs 1,000 for buying utensils, stove and other required materials and Rs 150 for renting handcart. And finally, he managed to set up little shop on the street opposite the Vashi train station.



The expansion of business

Prem Ganapathy have always been very specific in quality and cleanliness of his Dosa shop.He also brought his brothers Murugan and Paramashivan in the city so that they can assist him in his business. They used to wear caps and clean uniform while operating his business.

Luckily, his business went well. People literally loved his sambhar and dosas . The secret of the recipe lies in his native place. The same year he earned the profit of Rs 20,000 every month. it seemed like fate was helping him as now he had a rented space at Vashi which was quite spacious that would be used for the preparation of masala and ingredients.

There is no success if you don’t encounter any challenges. Prem had to face some issues when it came to the licencing of handcart food stalls. Even  their cart was seized several times by municipal corporation and he had to pay the fine to get the cart back . Soon this trouble ended when he opened his own restaurant.


Sagar Dosa Plaza

In 1997, he opened his own restaurant named Prem Sagar Dosa Plaza in Vashi. Though he had to pay the monthly rent of RS 5000 and one time deposit of Rs 50,000.

Prem was always open to new suggestions that can help his business grow . He learned how to use internet from college going students . This is how learned experimenting with its signature dishes. Later, he produced around 26 exotic varieties of Dosa . Some popular ones were paneer chilly Dosa, schezwan dosa and spring roll Dosa. 26 was just a number as they managed to surpass this figure and now they were serving more than 105 types of Dosa.

Prem Ganapathy always had a desire to have his outlet in a shopping mall. So, luckily his desires found its way to the  Centre One mall , which opened in his vicinity only. The management team of the mall often visited his restaurant and one day they offered prem to have his outlet in their mall. That was the day since prem never looked back as from now he gained enough popularity among its customers. Besides they even started supplying the dosa  batter along with other ingredients .

They officially come into existence when they opened their first franchise outlet at Wonder Mall in Thane, in 2003.

Now, the Sagar Dosa plaza was not limited to Mumbai . It has two outlets in Dubai, three outlets in New Zealand, and soon opening in Muscat in near future along with 15 more restaurants in India. This makes the total of 43 outlets in 11 States of India.

Prem Ganapathy is the man who started his business with a mere amount of Rs 1,000 and now he runs the Rs 30 crore company . Prem is expecting the revenue of around Rs 40 crore for this year


The tale of Arokyaswamy Velumani: His journey from 150 Rs Salary to 3600 crore company

Being optimism is a one thing and turning that optimism into action is another. It sounds like philosophy but it really works in reality. Some great people used this philosophy to turn the fate in their favor.

Today, we are going to highlight the life of Arokyaswamy Velumani who turned his optimistic approach into action . Arokyaswamy is another example of inspiration who came from nowhere and currently the founding chairman of 3600 crore company thyrocare technologies limited.

Before we actually know about his multimillionaire company we want to have a glimpse of Arokyaswamy.


The Family Background


Arokyaswamy Velumani was born in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. He belonged to a poor family where his father worked as landless farmer. The family was going through hardships as there wasn’t enough money to fulfill the basic requirements of the family. Being the eldest among four siblings, Arokyaswamy never let his misery effect his aims. He had always been optimistic and believed in looking into the  brighter side. In order to support his family he also worked in fields



It was 1978 , when Arokyaswamy got his first break in capsule company. His salary was just 150 Rs which wasn’t much to take care of his family. Unfortunately, few years later the company shut down leaving Arokyaswamy confused. He kept on applying for jobs for a while and luckily he got one. His application in Bhabha Atomic Research centre for the post of scientific assistant was accepted. He joined the Mumbai office in 1998. He continued his studies alongside the job , he finished his Post graduate while working and also went for his doctorate in thyroid biochemistry from Mumbai university.



Time to make a difference

After working 15 years with Bhabha Atomic research centre , he felt like the job was too good for his liking. It wasn’t like he was being paid less but it was something else. He had a salary 800 RS that time which had a great value those days. He decided to quit and nobody from his family liked his decision only his wife did .


It was 1995 when he decided to have his own research centre. For the beginning he withdrew 1 lakh from his provident fund and rented his 200 sq feet garage space .


Arokyaswamy’s Thyrocare Technologies limited


Thyrocare Technologies limited was setup in Byculla, South Mumbai.  Arokyaswamy knew he will face lots of challenges while setting his organization and he really did encounter challenges but never gave up.

He went to laboratories and hospitals himself to collect the samples. Now he was witnessing the growth of the company as the number of samples grew up. The company started taking samples for other diseases like diabetes and  arthritis etc. Soon they became fully fledged, they started collecting samples from patients and hospitals . Once the sample is collected they are brought to fully automated lab in Mumbai.



From 15 employees in 1998 and turnover of 1 crore Thyrocare now changed these figures drastically as currently it has 1000 employees with an annual turnover of RS 235 crore .

Some noticable facts about Arokyaswamy’s Thyrocare Technologies limited:

* In April 2016, the company recorded the tremendous response on stock market .

* The company’s IPO got a great response and was oversubscribed 72 times

* Thyrocare Technologies has 12000 franchisees in India.




Lachhman Das Mittal- The LIC agent turned into the 68th richest man in India in Forbes list

Where there is a will there is a way – We often read about great people who inspire us to do excel in our life. Not all these great people are born with silver spoon but in misery and poverty. .mittal is one of those great personalities or I say the true source of inspiration to all those people who wanted to do something big for him.
Especially from the people in India, who have such great ideas but they end up doing nothing because they give up easily.

Let’s make you familiar about the life and background of Lachhman das mittal.


Childhood and Family background

Like most of the inspirational personalities, Lachhman das mittal too belonged to a poor family.  He was a born in Bhindarkala village of moga district in Punjab. His father worked on petty commissions in local mandi, which didn’t pay much. His father always helped him when it comes to motivation and encouragement for the studies.


Educational background

Lachhman das completed his graduation from a Government college and later enrolled for post graduation degree in Urdu and English through a correspondence course from Punjab University. He invested all his strength to accomplish degree in MA English that also earned him gold medal. Even after finishing his studies Lachhman das was having tough times dealing with debts he took from his friends.

First job in LIC

After struggling hard after his post graduation, he got his first break in LIC. It was 1955 when he was working as a LIC agent. Working at this post taught him so many things, which was to be helpful in his upcoming future. After having a great experience as a LIC agent, he was promoted to the job of field officer. This job profile led him travel different states on India which proved a better experience for him. Working with LIC somehow improved his way of living and helped him clear his old debts. Besides, he started saving from his salary.

Working in LIC was not enough

He had a fine job in LIC but still he was looking for something bigger. He decided to set up his own side business of agricultural machines. Well, this totally turned against him leaving him bankrupt with all his savings and investment gone. Tough times were back again for Lachhman .In order to cover up his losses he applied for Maruti dealership but all received was rejection. But the best part is despite encountered such a huge loss he didn’t give up , he looked this defeat as a lesson and moved on.


  The turning point

We all have that one day that changes our lives completely. Lachhman was about to see that day. One day he saw Japanese machine separating wheat from the hay and it took no time when a great idea stroke into his mind. He decided to develop thresher for the farmers. This was the best thing he was going to do.

This time, his idea worked so well that within 8 years he became popular all over the country for his product. He named it Sonalika thresher and gradually this name turned out to be one of the biggest agricultural brands of India. From here, there was no turning back he kept on succeeding.

Expansion of business

Now, it was time to introduce tractors in Indian fields, which earned him great respect and name not only in India but also all over the world. Well, he had no plans for introducing tractors it was his customers who requested and asked him to consider this option. He decided to give it a go! He assembled two tractors and did 2 years market research. The results seemed promising but in order to implement this project on a larger scale he needed funding. Therefore, he talked to his close dealers and managed to collect the loan of 22 crore for his tractor project. In 1996, he laid the foundation of Sonalika tractors in Jalandhar. This project was a massive success.


Successful all around the world

Lachhman’s Sonalika tractors became so popular that today they not only run on Indian fields but they export their tractors to 74 countries with 5 manufacturing units in different countries. Currently, Sonalika sells 70000 tractors per year and 12000 units on regular basis shipped to 70 different locations of the globe.


68th richest man in Forbes list

The man who was born poor, the man who had no money to payback his debts, they man whose startup business was a disaster , the man whose dealership was turned down by Maruti was now the 68th richest man in India in Forbes list and having mentioned in Forbes list matter of proud .. He has a total asset of 1.4 billion dollars or Rs 9338 crores. He is still still humble by nature. Lachhman das mittal is the name everyone knows today be it businessmen, farmers, students and foreign marketers.